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ASEAN: Key organization of South Asia

Association of South East Asian Nation or ASEAN is renowned for its miracle economic growth, outstanding political consensus among member states, more pacific multi lateral relations, extraordinary intellectual exchange and finally anti-communist stand point. In this paper we attempted to examine the contributing factors towards the success of ASEAN. We included economic, social, political, security and some other factors contributing to the success of ASEAN.

However, after its foundation on 8th August 1967, many incidents had made co-operation harder in international arena. ASEAN overcome those with patience without sacrificing its core values. It maintained a constant code of conduct with the super power USA in the time of Cold War. ASEANs security relationship with the West is unlikely to change as long as the organization is made up of fundamentally pro-Western governments, hostile toward communism (Buszynski 1987). And of the other hand it got comparatively more congenial policy setting in favor. ASEAN was indeed a special arena of US policy: a grouping of Third world states which through its generally pro Western development policy could distinguish from unstable, radical areas of the Third World where nationalism is often anti-American in character (Buszynski 1987).  

This is one side story. the another side is emerging influence of China in global economy and poor public orientation in ASEAN regional forum may characterized as a criticism of its achievements through last four decades. With the changes of the world politics and economy through several shocking incidents like Afghan and Iraq war and global economic recession in early 21st century, ASEAN is also concerned for their position on future. Though the former Secretary General of ASEAN Ong Keng Young stated, If you are wondering about the future of ASEAN, worrying about how ASEAN will be hurt by the ongoing war on Iraq , let me assure you that the future of ASEAN is still bright (Young: 2003).

Beside the factors of war or economic crisis ASEAN is facing many challenges from different sides. ASEAN is criticized for its poor record of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedom, economic reservation, poor human security status and maintenance of environmental well-being. These are the factors what will play the key role in determining the future of ASEAN with inevitable action and reaction of international politics.

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